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The licensed veterinarians at Midtown Veterinary Hospital will perform a complete physical examination for the pet’s health certificate for travel within the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. This certificate will need to be completed within 10 days of travel.

Our team will discuss any specific needs of the pet(s) that will be traveling or changing hands and will address any health issues that are identified during the examination. We also help to advise pet owners on any health risks for the pet(s) that are specific to the area in which he or she will be traveling.

International Travel

Regulations vary when traveling with animals internationally. For the safety of your pet(s), we require that you work with a travel agency in order for us to issue an international travel certificate. An additional fee will apply if you do not. These companies will do everything from gathering and verifying documentation to getting it sealed by the USDA to helping arrange flights and travel plans.

Below are two examples of travel agencies that have worked with us in the past:

Happy Tails Travel

Pet Relocation

1121 E 7th St
Austin TX 78702
fax 512-362-6101

When traveling internationally, it is important to:

We are very lucky to have THREE USDA accredited veterinarians to help complete the required paperwork for travel.

Tips for Travel