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Decided to come here for a second opinion regarding my Dodger’s potty problem. He’s real timid to new places, but this was a breeze. Go Dodger! As soon as we walked in, Emily the vet tech greeted us with a warm smile. She immediately took us into one of the rooms and spent a good amount of time listening to me vent about his “diarrhea issue”. Not once did I feel rushed or ignored. She shared her own pet experiences with me and made Dodger feel right at home with caring hugs and pats on the head. She even took the time to let me pull up his food ingredients online so that they could have accurate information regarding his diet. Dr. Clive then walked in and was extremely informative. He also spent a great deal of time with us in the room. He tested Dodger, told me the routes we could take if the tests came back positive (which they didn’t pheeeew), and was honest by mentioning its going to be a trial and error process until WE get to the bottom of his potty issue.

Even though we didn’t walk out with direct answers, I felt confident that Dr. Clive and his staff is as concerned about Dodger’s issue as I am. Overall, I had a great first experience at MVH. The Montrose home now turned Vet Hospital has a warm and cozy touch to it. Great artwork on the walls and I loved the natural wood floors. We will definitely return and recommend to friends and family.

—Castro S.

My dog loved it here. As soon as we stepped in for our appointment, we were put into a room and got some one-on-one with a vet assistant about my corgi. She was sweet, gave her treats and everything. She told me about all the costs beforehand too so there weren’t any nasty surprises. The doc was great too. He checked my dog for Fleas and was surprisingly gentle. My dog didn’t whimper once with the 3 shots she had. This is a great place to bring your dog. Thank god it’s close to home!

—Judy L.

My first time here was great! The staff was friendly and Dr. Clive was the sweetest! I made such a great decision changing from Alief Animal hospital to here, Dr. Clive was so understanding and looked as if he really cares for my pet. He was patient and offered multiple options and told us which would be the best, I even got called to see how my pet was doing. I recommend Dr. Clive he is one of the best and I can trust him with my little boy.

—Lesly C.

Tried this vet out last week after reading all the rave reviews on Yelp. And I was very, very happy with the place, the service of the staff and the dr. The got us in for an appointment right away. The dr was kind and patient with us (and my 2 dogs) and explained everything thoroughly. It was a dream.

—Brad S.

The practice was very quiet and cozy. I liked the layout. The staff was very friendly and informative. I feel that my dog was well taken care of and her incision was sutured up very nicely. I had an extremely pleasant experience overall. I feel that my pet received much better care and attention at this practice as opposed to my last veterinarian, whom I felt nickle and dimed me for every little thing. I paid more at my last vet for much longer wait times, horrible client care, as well as below average patient care. I will definitely be coming back!

—Lindsey G

Really appreciated being able to check out while in the room, especially with a cat so he’s not overly-stressed by any dogs in the waiting room. Thanks!

—Sarah G

The interior and exterior of the practice were both clean and inviting. Inside the atmosphere was very tranquil and the staff cheerfully greeted me and my pet. I can’t think of anything that could be done to improve the customer service and care that I received during my visit. I was greeted and immediately and shown to an exam room where staff promptly began examining my kitten. My invoice was provided soon after the exam was over, and I was even given an itemized estimate for a future spaying procedure for my kitten.The care given to my kitten was exceptional. The staff took time to make her visit as stress-free as possible. The doctor thoroughly informed me of the procedures he was performing during the visit as well as what would be required in the upcoming weeks. He was patient and thorough in answering all of my questions, ranging from food recommendations to general long term health concerns for cats. I really appreciated this since I am a new cat owner and some vets tend to rush through these exams. The quality of service provided at this clinic is exceptional. The convenient location and the amount of care and compassion given to my kitten was much appreciated.

—Teneil M.

You guys rock - I’ve never seen any other medical practice with zero wait time and you actually see the tech and the vet at the appointment time. It’s really amazing. Wonderful care. Keep up the great work - we really appreciate you all!!!

—Kristin C.

The staff was very friendly and seemed to be knowledgeable. It was nice we could check out in the room instead of having to go to the lobby.The Dr. was very friendly and spent a good amount of time with my fur babies. I felt like he honestly cared about their well being and appreciated the time he spent and the information he provided me.

—Carol D

I am very particular about who cares for my pets. I consider them my children, so I only want the best of the best to care for them. That being said, Dr. Clive does an excellent job at caring for my two bichons. My rescue is always really nervous when we go to any vet, but Dr. Clive and his assistants take the time to comfort her and give her treats. Dr. Clive takes his time to thoroughly explain my pets’ conditions and will even do research during the appointment time to find the best solution for my dogs. My other bichon recently tore his ACL and Dr. Clive emailed me articles to help me understand his diagnosis. It is easy to tell that he surely knows what he is talking about. I appreciate their effort to take their time to make us feel comfortable and explain my pets’ conditions in a way that anyone not in the medical/veterinary field can understand.


The best vets I’ve ever been to! My dog, Cairo, just flew out from the UK and needed a check up and heart worm test. Cairo was the most nervous I’ve ever seen her - cowering, shaking and looking for an escape - but the vet and his assistant were amazing. Really spent time doing the examination so as not to frighten her more, showed and let her sniff all the instruments before using on her and were obviously so caring in their treatment of her. I didn’t feel the appointment was rushed as I have in other vets and they really take time to learn about your pet and explain options to you. The building itself is really nice and it’s great to have art to look at while you wait.


When every review on Yelp is a 5 star, it’s gotta be FREAKING GREAT. And, it was. :)

For the past couple of years, I have been bouncing around visiting 3-4 different vets and not being genuinely happy with any of them. Most of them were just okaaaay, as in they were fine but I never felt like the vet truly cared or spent the time to explain things to me. I also felt like they were always trying to get me to buy some kind of product or adding random tests to the bill. And when I said “no thanks”, one receptionist even gave me a dirty look as if I was purposely harming my pup for not giving her a shot that was “optional”. You did say it was optional, right? You know what optional means, right? UGH, so rude!

Dr. Richard Clive is a great man. He truly cares about animals and getting to the bottom of things. Zooey has had recurring skin allergies since she was about a year old. This is the third vet I have taken her to for the issue and he is the first one to explain to me all the potential allergies in detail. Dr. Clive did no even TOUCH my dog until he spent about 30-45 minutes explaining to me the symptoms of food vs. environmental vs. flea allergies. I learned A LOT.

After talking, he did thoroughly examined Zooey. He even found her microchip which had migrated a bit since it was injected. Really creepy if you ever felt it before.

The office visit, medicine, and other services are reasonably priced. You can email them for a list of services and pricing since it’s not on their website. I felt like the visit was worth every dollar and not once did Dr. Clive try to sell me medicine or run a test that Zooey did not need.

Another nice touch is that there isn’t really a waiting area. You are immediately escorted into a room to wait with your furry friend. The facility was clean and full of bright paintings of animals on the wall. The exam tables had a little grippy mat over the cold metal. The only downside is the parking, typical Midtown/Montrose. There are literally 3 spots in front and a huge sign/pole blocking one of the spots.

But forget the awful parking, this is hands down the best vet in Houston!


I rarely have to wait in the lobby area for more than a minute or two, which is great since my dog is always quite excited to be there I had a hard time finding a vet inside the city that I really liked, but I’ve definitely found one :)


This is the BEST vet I’ve ever been to. Dr. Richard Clive is so knowledgable, nice, understanding, respectful and goes that extra mile. He was so awesome with my puppy. My puppy was diagnosed with parvo on a sunday night in the ER and they took me in on Monday when they could at 9 am. Gave him some medicine even some food. He was very knwoledgable and explained the pros and cons and gave me the pricing before anything was done. He stated he would contact me in a couple of days to check up on him and go from there. Super friendly staff just loved it!!!! highly reccommend.


I followed the Yelp reviews to Midtown Vet Hospital, and I’m so glad I did.

Last Friday, my nearly 20 pound cat, Pudge, was feeling sick after having eaten a good part of a plastic bag. I called in first thing in the morning (as a new patient, new to the area), and they were able to make a 10:30 AM appointment for me. The new patient paperwork on the web site was super easy, and when we arrived, they took us right in to the exam room. Pudge got comfy right away. The facilities are really nice inside; it’s very clean and modern, while not feeling like a sterile and unfriendly hospital. Side note: as a fellow Montrosian with an older house, I really enjoyed hearing from Dr. Clive that the office is located in a renovated old 1930’s Montrose house.

They took great care of Pudge, gave me several care options, and even estimated the prices in the system to help me decide. In the end, I went with the more conservative option at first, and decided to come back later for X-rays - and again, they fit us in. Dr. Clive was great with Pudge, and so was the whole team. After the X-rays, Dr. Clive spent time with me to show me his X-rays, and I came away feeling very reassured. In all, I spent less than I would have expected for the treatment we received. It was great that he also gave me advice while there about nutrition, and we have since changed the diet for both of our cats to canned food based on his advice.

The real kicker came a few days later, though, when I filed for reimbursement from my pet insurance. Since I had never dealt with the process before, I expected it to be a pain. I brought the claim form to MVH on the way home from work, and Emily offered to not only fill out the necessary pieces and fax it in for me, but also to keep a blank copy on file and submit it for future claims for me, too! I truly didn’t expect that. The very next morning I got a confirmation from the pet insurance that the claim was filed, and with Pudge feeling better, I was able to put the whole thing behind me.

If you’re looking for a place to take your kittos or pups where both you and your pet will get quality care, I highly recommend Midtown Vet Hospital.


Love this place!!!!! They truly care about your pet and they already know my dog by name. The staff is also very knowledgeable and super helpful! They also see your pet at the time of your appointment! No sitting around for a long time in the waiting room or in the patient room. I am in and out so fast and they are very reasonably priced. I am so happy I found these guys!!!!!


Wow, I cannot say enough amazing things about Midtown Vet. I have a gigantic 98 lb scardy cat and the staff at Midtown Vet make even him feel at home. They go out of their way to reassure my fur baby, and I have never seen him more calm at the vet’s office. We’ve only been in twice and Dr. Clive and the ladies at Midtown Vet recognized Ziggy immediately and started asking me questions about things we had talked about in the previous visit. Everything was explained to me in detail and Dr. Clive made sure all my questions were answered. They really do care here and that is so apparent. I also irresponsibly missed my first appointment and they were so kind and were able to reschedule me for the next business day without any problems. It’s a small office and feels very personal. Worried about how much a place this amazing could cost? Don’t be. It’s very affordable. They also don’t push things that cost extra off on you. I asked if I could buy some ear cleaning solution and she said “of course, but I can just tell you how to make it with household items you should already have on hand, if you’d like?” If your thinking it’s too good to be true, then give the ladies at Midtown Vet a call and find out for yourself. You won’t regret it!

—Cass P

I kinda don’t want to let anyone in on the secret of this place!!

Friendly staff, easy to get an appointment, well-priced, and my animals actually do really well going here! I think a big part of that is the small set-up, so there’s not a million other animals in the waiting room.

Highly recommend this place!!!


I just took my cat here for the first time and I love it already! The place is small and quiet, and very inviting. The prices were more reasonable than another place quoted me, and the staff was professional, efficient, and good to my cat. It was the ideal vet experience! Thank you!


I’m going to have to add my 5 stars here. The staff couldn’t be friendlier and more helpful. Dr. Clive is very patient and informative. The visits are never rushed and personable. I’ve called a few times with questions about what I can and can’t give our dog and they answer any questions over the phone without the pressure of always having to make an appointment to get any information. They also are respectable in costs.

I highly recommend Midtown Veterinary to people if they are looking for an excellent vet clinic and staff who are personable to you and your pet’s needs. You will never leave feeling disappointed.


My husband and I recently adopted a kitten from the city animal shelter. I did quite a bit of research on vets in town, and finally settled on Midtown Vet Hospital. I called to set up an initial appointment (which is free if you adopt) and was able to get one within 24 hours of having kitten home. Dr. Clive and staff are extremely friendly and knowledgable. We were immediately put in an exam room and Dr. Clive spent quite a bit of time doing a thorough exam. My kitten was so comfortable and calm! As a worried momma, I’ve called several times since that first visit with random questions and concerns, and they have exceeded my expectations on all accounts. Dr. Clive will even talk on the phone if he’s available. Most prices are average, although medicine and vaccinations seem to be a bit overpriced. I am happy to have found a vet that we are incredibly pleased with on the first try!


I almost don’t want to write a review because the positives are bound to change if the secret gets out about how great this vet is. We’ve been coming here for about six months, after leaving West Alabama Animal Hospital. We were seeking a more personalized experience for our dog, and wanted more flexibility in terms of making appointments/getting appointments.

So far this has been the best switch ever. The vet is so nice, and really listens. We had a minor worry with our 4 year old rescue dog, and called the office during the day to consult the vet. He was available, so he spoke to me briefly about the symptoms. He offered to run a fecal sample, and said it’s likely nothing to worry about - which we so much prefer to a vet saying: bring the dog in before I’ll help you, and let’s run a million tests.

The staff is super friendly, the location is extremely close to our home, and the building their offices are housed in has a ton of charm, still with all the vet clinic necessities.

I’ve recommended this vet to friends, and plan to continue to do so.


Great experience for first time visit puppy, very kind and loving, and provided well informed information regarding her care. Thanks to Dr Clive and his assistant.


After always having subpar experiences with other vets, I am blown away by the outstanding treatment my pet and I receive at Midtown Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Clive and his staff are some of the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and compassionate pet professionals that I have ever met. Dr.Clive has an unexplainable calming effect on my pets (and me as well); he’s very thorough in his examinations and welcomes all questions. He even goes the extra mile to email articles to me that further explain a topic, and he makes it a point to call after every visit for a follow up. Seriously the BEST customer service ever! At this point, I cannot fathom the idea of taking my pets anywhere else but here.


I went here to get my dogs microchipped after I bought a deal on Groupon. The friendly, efficient staff and the comfortable facility made this a totally positive experience. I got a quote for a regular checkup and shots and prices were in line with other vets I’ve used. Even though this isn’t really my neighborhood, I will definitely return for future pet care.


There is NEVER anything negative about this place. Dr. Clive is personable, knowledgable and friendly. Loves to show off his facility...and it’s definitely something to show off. You never have to wait and he is always available for anything. Love the interactivity of the website. I’ve never had a vet where my dogs are HAPPY to be there. It’s just that kind of comfortable, stress-free place for them!


I cant say enough about this place. Clear and Simple. If you want excellent service, excellent price and personal attention for your four legged friend, this is the place to go. I was recommended by a friend upon moving to Houston and I would not even think of bringing my pet anywhere else! Dr. Clive and staff call after every visit, to ensure your pet is doing well and improving, even if its a basic checkup. I don’t even get customer service like this with my Doctors. Parking is a bit tricky, but available.


I can’t say enough good things about Midtown Veterinary Hospital! Dr. Clive and the entire staff have treated not only my Yorkieshire Terrier, Cooper, with the most compassionate care but also me! Dr. Clive was able to see Cooper quickly to find out what was causing his symptoms and he was diagnosed with having bladder stones. I was given an ample amount of information on the stones and the surgery process to have them removed. I never felt pressured to have a certain treatment and I never felt rushed. All of my questions and concerns were answered and Dr. Clive really put me at ease. Like many other pet owners, my dog is a member of my family and I need a team that will also treat him the same. Midtown Veterinary Hospital is highly recommended!


I’m going to Midtown Veterinary Hospital for almost two years now and I have never been disappointed with them. Our dog (the one on my pic) loves Dr. Clive and his team and he always starts pulling the leash when we are close to the clinic. They treat him so nicely and make sure that he is doing well at all times (and he gets a lot of treats too). Their practice is modern, clean and very inviting! I never had to wait for my appointments and it’s easy to reach them through mail or phone. You will even get your own online account with your pets records if you want. I love my dog very much and I would never give him to people I don’t trust. I trust the Midtown team very much :)!


I recently moved to the area and this place was recommended to me by a friend who had seen their ad on Facebook. I was in a hurry and needed a close place just to get a first checkup for my new puppy. Since this was no emergency, I was ok with trying them out. I was in for such a great surprise! Dr. Richard Clive and his staff could NOT have been friendlier. I called ahead and was able to fill out all my paperwork online while I was on the phone booking the appointment. So when I walked in, (which was right away) I only waited about 30 seconds before being taken to the exam room where Dr. Richard preformed a thorough exam on my new puppy, much more thorough than my previous vet. He was super nice and didn’t rush at all. All around great service!


The best vet I have ever been to, hands down!!

Awesome things:

Less-awesome things:

I drive pretty far from my house to get to Dr. Clive, and I recommend him to everyone I know - which is, admittedly, not a very large group of people. I will keep coming to Midtown as long as I live within even semi-reasonable driving distance.


After taking my pets to Montrose Veterinary Clinic for 27 years, I had become accustomed to service so bad I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to have doctors who care and staff who are efficient. At Midtown--from being promptly informed of my pet’s status online to instantaneous delivery of medications and on-the-spot, lightning-fast checkout--I am more impressed with the efficiency of their competent, courteous, service every time I go there. For my four dogs’ sake and mine, I only wish I had switched to Midtown years ago. I have spent between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00 a year (multiple surgeries, an extremely severe attack injury, a poisoning, and at least two saved lives) for several years, and really value the top-flight service and procedures at Midtown--all the more because of having been treated shabbily at a place I had loyally patronized for so long before. If you are less than fully satisfied with your present vet, at Midtown, you will find what a pleasure it can be to have your furry friends lovingly and efficiently cared for. I am pleased to joyfully shout this from the rooftops!


My dog and I have seen 5 different vets over the years and this was, hands down, the best hospital experience we’ve had.

The client intake form is online, so it’s not necessary to sit in the waiting room and fill out paperwork. In fact, as soon as my dog and I sat down in the waiting room, Dr Clive came out to meet us. I’ve never experienced a dr of any sort coming to get me from the waiting room!

My dog had been having vomiting and diarrhea. As Dr Clive examined my pet, he explained to me the different signs he was looking for. He was very thorough in his explanaition of the pathology of the possible, worms, amoebas, etc.

After running the tests, we discussed the medications he recommended. I really appreciated his taking the time to explain the different medications and how they would effect my pup.

Online, I had listed some herbal remedies I had been giving my dog. He researched them before I came in for our appointment. He was in no way hesitant or dismissive about the homeopathic treatment I had been giving my pup. What a breath of fresh air1

All told, the Dr Clive spent over an hour with me. I never felt rushed. He took all of my questions seriously and responded authentically. When my dog is sick, and I’m freaked out, that is exactly what I need!

His assistant is also great. Definitely both and animal and a people person! I would recommend this hospital to anyone.


Thank you Dr Clive! My first experience with him and his staff and was very happy! Made my dog Sam comfortable and was very patient and thorough. Explained everything and made me feel like he really cared. So happy he’s so convenient and reasonable! Parking was a challenge, but I was made to feel like Sam and I were their only client for the hour and had no problem getting an appointment.


I found Dr. Clive when calling around to find a vet who would help with the spaying of a rescued black Lab - my own ex-vet, to whom I had been going for 28 years, having refused to give me even a nominal discount. Dr. Clive’s rates were reasonable and I cannot speak highly enough about his kindness and efficiency. I am now taking both my dogs and one cat to Midtown and we are all very happy campers! I can recommend Dr. Clive and Midtown very highly - you will not be disappointed. Not only is the care extensive and thorough, but the follow-up is better than anything I get from my own doctor!


After a terrible experience at another veterinary clinic, I brought my dog to Dr. Clive. Both he and his lovely technician took a great deal of time to simply get to know my dog. He was given treats, allowed to go off leash (as he was the only ’patient’), and felt completely comfortable by the time of the exam and treatment. Dr. Clive explained all of his treatment thoroughly, and was very patient in answering all of my questions. My dog literally didn’t want to leave, and I made the comment that I wished I was a dog so that I could also be treated in this stress-free and compassionate environment. :)


I have been going to Midtown Veterinary Clinic for about a year and love it. My dog is understandably nervous about going to the vet, but she is so much better now that we go to Midtown.

A huge bonus is that the staff times the visits so that you are the only client in the hospital (or maybe one of two clients). Every time I’ve gone, my dog and I have been the only ones there. That way there are no other animal sounds to stress your dog out. Dr. Clive and his technician always make a point of greeting Maddie and giving her treats so that she trusts them. Also, Dr. Clive is the only vet, so your animal will be more comfortable each time you go.

The last time I visited, Maddie had to have some blood drawn. She showed her teeth a little, so Dr. Clive calmly stopped, gave Maddie a treat, and waited for the Vet Technician to come in. The technician held Maddie so that she was calm and Dr. Clive was able to take the blood. Maddie didn’t even flinch. She was not reprimanded for showing her teeth, she was just treated with a different method, which worked. This just shows that Dr. Clive and his staff know what they are doing and don’t blame the dog if he or she gets stressed, they just change their approach.

Also, Midtown is VERY affordable. Dr. Clive does not believe in over-vaccinating, so will only give your animal the shots she really needs. He has products for sale, but will tell you if you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

I wouldn’t trust my dog with anyone else!

—Frances P

The place was immaculate. I toured the facilities in the back! Never got to do that before! There wasn’t a single dog hair on the floor. It smelled fresh and clean. The kennels were strategically placed for optimal observation from anywhere in the room. Emily was especially professional and efficient. She played many roles- receptionist, greeter, facilitator, tour guide, and vet care team member. The doctor was pleasant, knowledgeable, and had a great “bedside manner” with my elderly pug. I was the only client there and we were seen quickly without waiting in the typical chaos and stressful environment of the waiting rooms in all the other places I’ve been to. Very peaceful experience. STELLAR experience, place, people, location, cost, and quality of care!


Thanks Dr. Clive for showing us how to brush our puppy’s teeth. Thanks to the staff for spoiling our boy and giving him lots of love during the vaccinations and exam.


The offices are clean, well organized and overall inviting. Easy checkout procedure.


I appreciate all you do for my girls! Thank you


You guys are great! Emily was so helpful, gave me lots of time even though I know she was really busy :) Decker and Bella both feel loved when they are there!


The Veterinarian showed thoroughness and professionalism unparalleled in our prior experiences.


I love the care you all give. i can just tell you care and it makes me feel very comfortable. thank you


I’m glad to say that I have always had a pleasant experience at Midtown Veterinary Hospital. Couldn’t ask for better care for my pets. Thank you to Dr. Clive and the entire staff!


Best vet I have been to. I’ve been to a lot. We have moved quite a bit over years. The best operation I’ve seen. Keep up the hard work!! It’s noticeable!!


I love the facility and ellie loves the chairs! the entire team is wonderful and always knows us which makes a difference! you all seem like a family and that we are just visiting which is wonderful! i recommend often!


Quickest wait time for vet I have experienced so far! Happy that appointment was for next business day. Very thorough exam with a lot of attention to detail. Also very personable treatment to both my dog and I. Will gladly return!


Everything is awesome. You guys are the best and we are very blessed to have found you! Perfect - cannot be improved upon!

—Mary Ellen

We love Midtown and haven’t come across anything that we wish was done differently. If I could grade higher than fives I would.


Excellent work, keep it up :) We have been really happy so far. I am going to write a Yelp review as well.


Your office and team are always very professional and welcoming. I love this place! I greatly appreciated you seeing us on such last-minute notice and also providing a full check-up!! Dr. Clive is so thorough with his answers and in our dog’s care. The Vet Techs are awesome and very accommodating and knowledgeable. I spread the word on your clinic almost daily. Don’t stop doing what you are doing!